Forecasters predict that heavy snow could cause travel troubles in several midwestern states this weekend.

A developing snowstorm is expected to hit the midwest starting on Friday, January 11, bringing with it several inches of snow and causing possible travel disruptions.

Weather forecasters at Accuweather predict that the snowstorm will be severe enough to cause travel difficulties in southern and central Missouri as well as portions of Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee starting Friday night and into Saturday.

Slippery roads are expected to cause tougher travel through the I-64 and I-70 corridors as well as the I-80and I-90 corridors from Illinois to Ohio.

The same snow storm system is expected to bring snow, ice, and slippery roads to parts of North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware on Sunday.

Heavy snow in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and southern New England could also occur late in the weekend depending on the development of the snowstorm.

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