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Truck driver picks the worst spot to u-turn


A truck driver trying to make a super tight U-turn manages to hit the only vehicle in the parking lot — amongst other things — in this painful-to-watch security footage.

The YouTube video depicting the highly questionable U-Turn has recently gone viral. It has been viewed nearly 320,000 times and has left many users wondering what the truck driver was thinking when he chose that spot to turn around.

After viewing the video, user cliff giordane wrote:

“To the new truckers out there, don’t ever make snap decisions or panic behind the wheel I’ll back for 10 miles before attempting a U turn like that. He would have been better off turning down a side street and backing across the intersection to turn around. There’s no solid excuse for these damages.”

User Chuck Wagon offered the truck driver a (too late) alternative:

“If he would’ve pulled all the way to the right and started his u-turn from the yellow poles I do believe he could’ve turned around quite easily. Instead, he starts from the right lane. WTF?”

jennifur e. zoe joked:

“Turn around was completed successfully as driver was told to hit that ford p.u. & rearrange those red containers.”


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