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This week in the CDLLife App – Nov. 25, 2019


If you’re not using the CDLLife App, here’s what you missed this week.

What do drivers do when they have free time while waiting to load, unload, or on their 34? Chances are, they’re on the CDLLife App! To date, more than 100,000 users have downloaded the CDLLife App and nearly 1,000 more are downloading the app each day!

With all the sitting and waiting drivers have to do, finding an outlet for community and entertainment can be a great escape from reality. It’s not all fun and games on the app, though, it’s also a great resource for drivers, a place to ask for advice, get the heads up on road delays, read truck stop reviews, find parking, get weather updates and much more.

Favorite post of the week

This past week on CDLLife one of our famed community members Hillbilly James Queen had released personal information about how he is a truck driver that is 100% deaf. He is also raising awareness for the organization Deaf Truckers United. The response that Hillbilly James, and other truck drivers that have recently revealed they are also deaf or partially deaf, has gotten this past week from the CDLLife community has been nothing short of exceptional. I encourage you to go check it out here: https://m.cdllife.com/post/5dd6e7024f9581001fc3db3c

Another CDLLife community member had made a sweet gesture to those in the community who are deaf. She has made a video of her communicating via sign language to those who cannot hear. If you know sign language, or simply want to see a nice gesture, you can check it out here with this link: https://m.cdllife.com/post/5dd89fce685ec6001f141e7c

Winter Wonderland

With the holidays approaching also comes another: the wintery weather that is the snow. This past week our drivers in the community had captured some of the gorgeous views that they were seeing while out on the road. Take a look at a couple of the nice shots that were on display this past week from all over the country

Not everything is snowflakes and sunshine though. Winter is the more dangerous time to be on the roads for drivers. Just check out this guy’s post… YIKES! Here is the link to the video:https://m.cdllife.com/post/5dd7a1a363e3ed001f602d16

A heartwarming story

This past week we had a user post a story about a successful wedding day. Congratulations! Of course he had to get back on the road a few days after though; the grind doesn’t stop.

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