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Trooper pens letter to let trucker know why she was followed for 20 miles


An Illinois State Trooper took time out of her day to let a trucker know how much she noticed — and appreciated — her safe and professional driving.

On Thursday, April 25, the Illinois State Police Facebook page shared a stirring post about one trooper’s encounter with a truck driver hauling grain.

She wrote:

Dear Grain Hauler, 

I saw you on Route 47 headed south. You were taking your time, obeying the speed limit. I kept my distance behind you. I followed you for probably 20 miles or more, watching your driving behavior. 

I wondered if you were loaded or empty. If you were headed to the elevator or back to the farm. I didn’t run your plate. I didn’t want to pass you as there were so many no passing zones and intersections. We drove through several small towns. I couldn’t even see what trucking company you were. 

All I knew is that you were driving a grain hauler. My Dad drives grain too. He loves running back and forth to the elevator. He even takes my kids with him in the semi for trips to the elevator. I smiled as I wondered about your trip today, where you were hauling to and how many trips you’d made. 

I hope I didn’t scare you when I followed you into the elevator. I saw you turn your turn signal on as we pulled into Gibson City. The elevator was just around the corner and I hoped that’s were you were headed. I didn’t want to pull you over. I didn’t want to startle you. What I wanted to do was say Thank You. I saw you look at me in the mirror when I parked behind you at the elevator entrance. You were waiting for the semi in front of you. 

I hopped out and approached your truck to shake your hand and tell you that I had been watching. You look concerned to hear what I was about to tell you. The relief was instant when I said it was good. The delight in your smile showed you weren’t expecting a Thank You. You clearly were doing what you must do all of the time. Your driving behaviors in that fully loaded semi show a lot about how you must drive all of the time. Cautious. Dedicated. Focused. 

I’m so glad you realized we notice when drivers do the right thing. We aren’t out there to make your day to day commute a problem. We aren’t there to issue tickets all day long. We encourage voluntary compliance with traffic laws and hope drivers do the right thing even when they don’t think anyone is watching. 

By the look on your face, you didn’t know anyone was watching….for the 20 miles. I was watching. I called your company and told them of our encounter. 

Shout out to Trainor Trucking LLC in Forrest, IL. 

Stay safe out there Grain Hauler, have a great day. Thanks for being awesome. 

Mama Bear

After reading the viral post, many members of the trucking community took a moment to say thanks to the trooper for shining a positive light on the trucking industry.


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