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Troopers to ‘hide’ behind semis during enforcement detail


The Illinois State Police say that they’ll be trying out an unusual technique to catch drivers who fail to “Move Over” for emergency vehicles.

In a Facebook post shared on February 23, Illinois troopers shared details about their apparent plans to use semi trucks to conceal squad cars so that they can catch drivers who don’t move over:

What does that detail mean? You may see the one squad car behind the vehicle on a traffic stop, but what you won’t see is the second squad car hiding in front of the truck. That second squad car will be waiting and watching for vehicles that violate Scott’s Law (the Move Over Law) and will take enforcement action.

We also work these details with a second squad car sitting directly behind the first squad car. As you approach or drive by you may think we are the “back up car” but we are merely there to watch the Trooper’s back by waiting for the next Scott’s law violation.

Troopers say that they are conducting “Move Over” or “Scott’s Law” enforcement details statewide in the days and week to come because 10 squad cars have been struck in less than two months. One trooper even lost his life because drivers didn’t move over, according to the Illinois State Police.

Move Over

Scott’s Law requires that drivers “proceed with due caution”, change lanes if it is safe to do so, and reduce their speed.

Troopers warn that violating Scott’s Law means drivers will face a mandatory court appearance and can come with a fine of up to $10,000.


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