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Truckers to ‘slow roll’ in Ohio in planned protest


A group of truckers have another “slow roll” demonstration planned in Ohio this week.

The slow roll is planned for 11 a.m. on Friday, March 8.

The truckers plan to meet at the Speedway store in London and then to drive at speeds of about 45 m.p.h. on I-70 to Columbus.

Ohio Slow Roll

Event organizer Andy Scott explained to CDLLife the reason that drivers have decided to demonstrate:

The reason for this slow rolling protest convoy is to raise awareness and bring attention to the issues with in the trucking industry. There are several ongoing issues such as training, parking, Ohio fuel tax increase, hours of service, and safety. They want to make the roads safer for all to travel on and affordable. We have made several attempts to work with state and federal officials to bring problems to light and to avail no success

Scott said that the Ohio State Patrol is aware of the planned convoy and will be monitoring the event for safety.

Organizer Todd Campbell told WHIO said that the convoy participants are trying to raise awareness, not cause traffic trouble. He said, We’re not trying to create a hindrance. We’re going to keep gaps to let cars get on or jump in the middle of us if they need to get off at an exit. We did really well with this in Indianapolis. We had no hiccups over there, no accidents, no fender benders, no nothing.”

Several other “slow roll” protest convoys have already taken place in 2019 leading up to a planned nationwide driver shutdown on April 12.


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