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Bystanders asking for help in finding alleged hit-and-run semi truck they say may have killed an 18-year-old boy


A crash that left an 18-year-old dead is still under investigation in Kentucky this week. 

The incident happened on Saturday, December 5th, in Madison County, but the details surrounding the incident are still not clear. 

According to Mountain News, Steven and Amy Witten were driving home along a wet and foggy Highway 627 at the Red House Road intersection when they encountered a wrecked car in the middle of the road. The couple says they had to swerve to avoid it, but were able to come to a stop on the shoulder just a little ways up the road, just in front of a blue semi truck also stopped on the shoulder. The couple says that that’s when they put the pieces together. 

“As we’re turning around, I can see the front end of the truck was busted in pieces,” Steven said. “We knew that was the truck that had hit the car up the road.”

The couple then made their way over to the wrecked car and called 911, but the big rig left the scene before officers could arrive. 

“When we were in our search for whoever was in the vehicle, that truck took off, and unfortunately we were in such a panic, we didn’t get a perfect description and we did not hear the truck take off. We couldn’t believe that this truck driver would leave the scene and this family has gone through such a tragedy and this makes it 100% worse,” Amy said.

The couple has spoken to the family and says they have “forgiven this truck driver already,” but the couple hopes that speaking out will encourage anyone with information on the incident, or even the truck driver themselves, to come forward. 

“We’ve talked to the family and they forgive this truck driver already,” Amy said. “But, the pain that they feel, the void of not knowing and maybe never having closure, that’s a horrible feeling so we just pray this truck driver will come forward.”

Police say they are still investigating the incident, and urge anyone with information on the incident to call the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.


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