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Dozens of state troopers fired in cheating scandal


Georgia state officials say that they have terminated dozens of troopers for allegedly cheating on a test.

On Wednesday, officials with the Georgia Department of Public Safety announced the termination of 30 new state troopers.

Investigators say that they were tipped off that every member of the 106th Georgia State Patrol trooper class had cheated on an online speed detection operator exam.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety said, “Investigators found the cadets utilized written or typed notes, received direct assistance from another cadet (test answers), utilized test questions and answers posted by a cadet on the GroupMe online application, and queried an internet search engine for test questions and answers.”

Officials say that as many as 133 speeding citations have been issued by the now-fired troopers who did not pass the exam.

Georgia Department of Public Safety Commissioner Mark McDonough said that all of the troopers interviewed as part of the investigation admitted to cheating on the exam.

“It’s a punch in the gut. This goes to our very core values,” McDonough said.


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