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Hammer down: Speed limits are going up in Arkansas


This week, transportation officials in Arkansas announced a major speed limit increase for interstates and highways.

On Wednesday, the  Arkansas Highway Commission approved a plan to increase speed limits on certain roadways, starting on or after July 1.

“Our rural interstates will go to 75, our urban interstates will go to 65, our rural multi-lane highways, which are our four to five-lane highways that are designated as interstates, will go to 65. We’ve allowed up to 60 on a two-lane highway,” ARDOT spokesperson Rex Vines explained.

The speed limit increases will go into effect as soon as the signs can be changed, which could take a few weeks or months.

While some have raised concerns about highway safety with the higher speed limits, ARDOT said, “Facilities are safer these days, we have wired up safety fences, we have rumble strips, we have other safety features, our vehicles are safer as well so that has helped.”


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