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Here’s a lesson on why you shouldn’t speed through a truck stop parking lot


An overturned truck in a Love’s parking lot was spotted by CDLLife App users in Kentucky yesterday, demonstrating why you should never speed through a parking lot. 

The truck in question overturned at the Love’s in Elizabethtown, Kentucky on Thursday, September 10th. 

This is what happens when you pull into a truck stop too fast,” wrote CDLLife App user John (Sarge) in a post.

“They said he was on his phone coming through the parking lot too fast and lost control of his truck,” wrote another CDLLife App user, Outlaw Trucker.

“He just wanted to lay down and sleep for a little while,” commented another user, while others speculated that perhaps a bathroom emergency was behind the driver’s high rate of speed. 

“Good news is, the bottom of his rig looks pretty clean. Don’t see anything that should be replaced, either,” pointed out another app user. 

Witnesses say the truck driver seemed uninjured following the incident. Still, hopefully this driver, and others like him, can take this as a lesson in speeding. 


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