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These 10 driving fails will make you dread winter


Icy roads, unexpected blizzards, and sub-zero temperatures are all conditions that truck drivers know they might experience while out on the road during wintertime.

These seasonal hazards add an extra obstacle to traveling, sometimes resulting in epic fails and collisions.

Watch these videos to see some of the top fails of truck drivers during the wintertime.

1. Snow-covered roads and a chilling 2-degree temperature didn’t help this driver as he struggled to get around a corner with his trailer.

2. Watch this semi send a snowplow flying down a 300-foot embankment after they both come speeding down a road.

3. This driver gives us a look at a common wintertime problem.

4. Watch the aftermath of this massive pileup in Michigan.

5. This snow covered semi completely destroys a traffic light.

6. Dozens of accidents can be seen in this video after a winter storm hit Minnesota last year.

7. Watch this video to see a truck hauling doubles jackknife over a railroad track due to icy conditions.

8. This driver can barely keep his semi on the road due to ice and snow.

9. A truck driver has a close call as he slides past another vehicle, avoiding a major collision.

10. Watch as this semi’ dash cam captures it’s crash with two cop cars during a snow storm.

Make sure you have the right equipment and take precautions during dangerous winter whether this season.


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