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Truck driver jailed for assaulting driver with a sledgehammer during road rage incident in 2016


A truck driver is in jail for allegedly assaulting a motorist with a sledgehammer during a road rage incident that occurred in 2016. Police used the trucking company’s drivers’ logs to identify the suspect.

According to KGNS, the incident occurred on November 29, 2016 on Salem Drive in Laredo, Texas.

The victim said that the truck driver, 41-year-old Raul Antonio Ramirez, started blaring his horn at him while both vehicles were traveling south on Mines Road. Ramirez allegedly then cut off the victim’s vehicle and “boxed him in.”

The victim then told police that Ramirez got out of his truck and approached the victim’s vehicle. Ramirez allegedly had a sledgehammer and a screwdriver. The victim told police that Ramirez began threatening him.

The victim told police that he feared for his life when Ramirez opened his door and struck him in the elbow with a sledgehammer.

The victim was able to shut the door and lock it. Ramirez allegedly then began walking around the victim’s car, striking it several times with the sledgehammer.

The incident has been under investigation. Police used driver logs from the trucking company to identify Ramirez as the prime suspect.


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