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Truckers across the country prove winter is basically here


CDLLife App members made a ‘flurry’ of posts over the weekend proving that winter has arrived for some parts of the country. 

From driving tips, to gorgeous scenery, to laments over poor driving conditions, CDLLife App truckers shared their wide variety of early-winter experiences to the app as a way to warn fellow drivers and stay connected, no matter the weather. 

For example, check out this thread for some first-hand winter driving tips:

“Winter driving tip for new CDL holders!” wrote CDLLife App user Kevin H. 

“Always remember to check the air lines on your trailer every few hours in snow and icy conditions.”

“Pour alcohol in the air lines…. Keep a bag of kitty litter in the truck,” suggested another helpful app member.

Many drivers also shared their icy highway views. While some were simply sharing the scenery, others chose to warn others on what areas to avoid. 

“Welcome to a new week. This is Route 83 from Garden City to Liberal, Ks,” shared Mile-High Mile. 

“Morning family. Please stay away from I70 in Colorado,” they advised in another post.

Other drivers shared their snowy truck stop experiences, taking in the snowfall and advising fellow drivers to stay safe.

“Still shut down. 1′ out feels like -14′,” wrote CDLLife App user S*** Grip.

“Be safe y’all!” Ali O. added.

Still, in the face of treacherous driving conditions, truck drivers know how to just have fun with it.

“Dashing through the snow in a 565 hp sleigh,” joked CDLLife App user Jason W. while other users shared some tips we should all take to heart.

As winter steadily draws closer and closer, don’t forget – “No zoomy-zoom on the slicky-slick.” Stay safe out there, drivers!


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