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VIDEO: Late-night parking situation proves they just don’t train ‘em like they used to


A sleeping trucker is awakened by another driver’s poor parking in this embarrassing dash cam clip. 

CDLLife App user and truck driver, Tiffany A., posted this video captured by her dash cam at a truck stop on Tuesday, December 8th. In the video, a semi truck can be seen attempting to back into a spot to the left of the parked rig, but it doesn’t go so well. 

The crunch of the driver’s side cab and trailer can be heard as the reversing semi truck continues to back-up, scraping along the side of the parked rig. 

“Well, dash cam came in handy for this accident… ugh… tonight,” Tiffany wrote in her post. 

“Wasn’t bad as expected,” she continued. I got lucky. Flew out of my bed. Surprising I didn’t trip on my blanket and eat s***. I was still trying to comprehend wtf just went down.”

“Didn’t get out and look even once,” pointed out a fellow driver and app member. 

“These drivers nowadays. Why can’t they get out and look first?” added another. 

Thankfully, Tiffany was uninjured in the incident and expects insurance to take care of the damages.

“Hopefully this is a wake up to get out and look regardless,” Tiffany concluded.

Check out the clip of the incident, below.


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