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VIDEO: Motorist narrowly escapes T-boning from red-light-running truck driver


A motorist’s dash cam captured the near-collision between a car and a semi truck at an intersection in Canada recently. 

The video was shot just before 3:30 p.m. on a dark and wet Wednesday, November 18th. 

In the video, the dashcammer’s traffic light can be seen switching to green. As the motorist pulls forward, they suddenly lay on the horn and hit the brakes for something not visible in-frame. A few seconds later a semi truck hauling double belly-dump trailers barrels into view and through the intersection, clearly having run the red light. 

This leaves viewers with the question: was the truck driver unable to stop in the wet, slippery conditions; or were they just not paying attention? 

Check out the dash cam clip in the post below.


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