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VIDEO: “Trucking saved my life” explains Army vet in message of hope for fellow veterans


A four time combat veteran, Wounded Warrior, and medically retired staff sergeant explains how trucking helped to save his life in this hopeful video interview. 

In the clip, the unnamed Army veteran describes the difficulties he and his fellow veterans faced upon returning to civilian life, and how overcoming the obstacles can seem impossible. He goes on to explain that, between the pills prescribed by doctors, and the physical and mental injuries themselves, many veterans just give up and resign themselves to a “life in a chair.”

Still, the veteran says that after eight years on pain pills, he was able to wean himself off of them and start moving again, which led to such an improvement in the way he felt about himself that he decided to go back to work – and that’s when he turned to trucking. 

The Army veteran describes trucking as the perfect job for loners who look to take the “hard right way over the easy wrong way,” – traits that he says many veterans share. 

“Trucking lets me run on my own time, on my own schedule,” he said.  “Everything the way I want it, the way I say.” 

“It is scary but you persevere and you can have your lives back,” he continued. 

“I clear $115,000 a year and I was hopeless two years ago. It’s out there you just have to try.”

Thank you for your service, sir; in the armed forces and now OTR. 

Check out the footage of the inspiring interview, below. 


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