The Guilty by Association Truck Show (GBATS) is in full swing in Joplin, Missouri — and for those who couldn’t make it, we sent our team to capture video of some of the most exciting moments

This year, GBATS hosted by Chrome Shop Mafia is taking place September 23 — 25.

The truck show features must-see events like a meet and greet with the cast of the classic trucking movie “Maximum Overdrive,” an auction to raise money for the Special Olympics, the chance to view more than 800 working show trucks, a Truck and Tractor Pull, and music from Curtis Grimes and Joe Nichols.

But of black smoke and screaming tires are more your style, check out the videos below for some of the biggest displays of raw diesel power that happened at GBATS so far. .






For more information on GBATs, please click here!

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