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Collection of animals wreaks havoc on Houston highways


A cow and an alligator found themselves in rush hour traffic in Houston on Wednesday. 

The two separate incidents occurred on April 28th in Houston, Texas. 

According to NBC News, at around 8 a.m. police received reports of a cow hanging out along interstate 10 in east Houston, stopping traffic during morning rush hour. A pedestrian reportedly tried to rope the cow, but was unsuccessful, so officers herded it to a nearby cemetery where they were able to load it onto a trailer. 

The cow was promptly reunited with its owners, who run a nearby farm. The cow was not hurt in the incident and neither were any motorists. 

A few hours later, police received reports of an alligator chilling on a busy bridge in Baytown, blocking one lane of traffic. Officers arrived and closed off a portion of the bridge while members of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department placed a rope around the alligator. 

The alligator wrestled and spun in protest of the rope, but officers were able to hold it down and tape its mouth shut before transporting it to a nearby waterway via pickup truck and releasing it.


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