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Double Inc. 5000 Success for Migway


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From 2096 to 1690

Migway, a trucking and logistics company, was awarded a spot on the Inc. 5000 company list for the 2nd year in a row! This is an impressive milestone coveted by all companies that we will be celebrating with our clients and partners that helped us get here this year. The list of companies is published by Inc., an American monthly magazine that features articles about entrepreneurship and interviews with successful businessmen and women. The Inc. 5000 list is ranked in order of three-year revenue growth, and Migway has made it to number 1690 on the list! We have been working hard to grow our business since 2012 when we were founded by our owner David who knew what he wanted his company’s mission to be: “to build a great company and to enrich the lives of employees.” Since then, we’ve added more trucks to the roster, have grown our team of talented professionals into a dedicated group of over 100 people, and created a lasting name for Migway in the trucking industry!

The future of Migway is bright thanks to an incredible team that is committed to Migway’s mission and to providing the highest excellence in customer service. They have worked tirelessly and we appreciate their efforts helping us build this trucking company into something more than just providing trucking services in transportation – it’s about building relationships with people who passionately care about what they do every day.

Plans for 2021

Last year’s pandemic outbreak that caused employees to stay at home and imposed travel restrictions all over the world did not create a flourishing environment that promoted the growth of businesses that year. With many businesses putting up “For Sale” signs, instead of seeing a decline in growth or stagnation, Migway experienced quite the opposite, still adding trucks on the yard every month to keep up with drivers choosing to run with Migway during COVID. We chose not to reduce driver pay when it was considered normal last year and instead were happy to increase our driver’s pay this year across the board and they were too! As expected growth continues, we look forward to continuing raising pay this year for our team of dedicated drivers that represent Migway with excellence so they can work for not only the best trucking company but also the highest paying trucking company in the US.


For more than 9 years, Migway has provided expedited and reliable transportation options for our customers and clients’ needs. We are humbly thankful for our many loyal customers and employees who have helped us attain this impressive milestone, which speaks volumes about what makes Migway a successful trucking and logistics company. Because we understand the critical role drivers play in building a successful trucking company, we make it our job to look out for our drivers like no one else will in the industry. That’s the reason Migway pays its drivers above the market rate, guarantees drivers their home time each weekend, purchases the newest equipment to keep our drivers happy, and has created a family atmosphere for all drivers to feel welcomed and included on the job. We are seeing growth on an incredible level and are looking for professional drivers that love what they do and are looking for a company that can match their zeal for trucking. If this sounds like you and you are ready for more from your career in trucking, we encourage you to click the link here to continue your trucking career with one of the fastest-growing companies in the trucking industry.

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