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Driver jumps from wrecked rig moments before it explodes


A truck driver narrowly escaped a fiery fate after a collision with a motorist sent the rig up in flames early Thursday morning. 

The accident happened on April 15th at around 3:30 a.m. in Miami, Florida. 

According to News 7 Miami, an SUV crashed into the semi truck as both were driving along eastbound State Road 112 near Northwest 12th Avenue. The impact caused the semi truck to lose control and crash into a barrier wall, spilling approximately 100 gallons of diesel. Just as the rig was about to burst into flames, the driver was able to escape from the wreckage and run from the vehicle, narrowly avoiding serious injuries or death. 

“The car hit me on the side and dragged me across the lanes and sent me to the other side,” the truck driver explained. “I was able to kick the door open, jump out of the truck and that’s when it exploded into flames. I thought everything ended in that moment. I feel good. A little bit hurt and nervous, but I feel good.”

“Sounded like a bomb went off, I think,” said Willie McLeod, a nearby resident. “I ran outside, I ran down to the corner and I could see the flames coming up. Then, I heard explosions, three explosions back to back.”

“We had one of our regular suppressions arrive first so they began to do their assessment,” said Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Pete Sanchez. “They immediately advised the hazmat team of what they had so they’ll do water and foam at the same time. Then at the end of it, it’s more of a foam operation because that’s really what stops the fuel from leaking and going any further into the environment.”

“We did have to use a foam operation because there was over 100 gallons of fuel that had spilled and ignited,” Sanchez said. “We had about 15 feet of flames in the air, and as you see by videos, it was a very very intense, very fierce fire. Again, luckily no one was injured.”

The fire forced the closure of the highway  from Northwest 17th Avenue to Northwest 22nd Avenue for several hours. 

The roadway has since been reopened but the incident is still under investigation.


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