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Female trucker calls on fellow drivers to spotlight creepy motorists


A truck driver and CDLLife App member is calling on fellow drivers to help spotlight and shame motorists that creep on female truckers. 

CDLLife App member Pistol Lizzie made a post to the app about a disturbing experience she had with a motorist, complete with a photograph of the vehicle. 

“This creep started following me along I-90 in Ohio and, out of the corner of my eye, I realized he was undressing. Called out on the CB but no one was around or nobody had theirs on. Tried slowing down multiple times to see his plate to give to the cops but he made sure that I couldn’t by slowing down with me. He didn’t have a front plate. Gave him the finger without even looking at him to show him he wasn’t welcome but he didn’t give a sh*t and kept doing whatever he wanted. Triggered my driver’s side camera and got his creepy mug though which spooked him. Please post this pic wherever you can so hopefully someone recognizes him.”

“Y’all are probably gonna urge me to run him off the road,” she continued, “but

  1. I’m not gonna risk making contact with my truck or trailer and damaging it in any way. It’s not worth it to me, 
  2. I don’t believe in responding with deadly force or potentially causing health issues for someone if the individual isn’t threatening my life or health. He’s a creep. He needs to be shamed for his actions. Please help me do it.”

 Her fellow drivers took to the comments to offer advice on how to handle the situation, as well as share their own similar experiences. 

“I don’t know if this is a thing right now or what. Outside Greenville last week I had a very unwanted strip show. He was plum nasty…” wrote another female trucker. 

“Keep a handful of pennies within reach,” one driver advised. “You’d be surprised how quickly that idiot wouldn’t want the tip!”

“Just be careful, too many crazy mf out there,” added another. “They don’t have a clue how hard we work so they can have whatever they need, food, meds etc. Keep on trucking and be careful.”

Trucking is a difficult lifestyle for female and male drivers alike. Four wheelers just really don’t comprehend the amount of sacrifice drivers put in to keep them clothed, fed, and medicated. Thank you for all you do, drivers. Take care of yourselves out there.


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