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Former DOT officer debunks blitz myths, reveals what inspection stations are really looking for


A former DOT inspection officer sat down in a recent video to expose the truth about what inspection stations are actually looking for during enforcement blitzes.

The Asian Mai Show posted a video on his YouTube channel with a former Florida Highway Patrol officer who has 25 years of experience. Having worked three years under the commercial vehicle enforcement section, the former officer revealed the myths of blitzes and what drivers need to do to pass inspections.

The former inspection officer offered the following insights for drivers:

  • Always have all your documents. Drivers are less likely to be nervous about running into issues during blitzes if they have all their proper documents in order said the officer.
  • Officers do not target specific kinds of trucks, colors of trucks, or companies. Trucks are chosen randomly and, while they have to be more aggressive at certain times depending on the type of blitz they are conducting, there is no probable cause to have to stop a truck to do an inspection.
  • Blitzes do not happen as a way for officers to “meet quota” or “make numbers” for their county or city. There is no set quota of violations during a blitz.
  • Violations can easily be avoided if drivers know the emergency regulations they should be following, like securing and charging fire extinguishers.
  • Attitude is important during an inspection and can make the process go smoother and faster. “The officer is trying to do his job just like you,” said the former officer.
  • Light issues are one of the most common inspection problems that drivers overlook.

Watch the full video below.


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