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Man rescued after getting trapped in trailer full of dried corn


A man was rescued after getting stuck inside a trailer loaded with dried corn on Wednesday afternoon. 

The incident happened on December 15th at about 4:15 p.m. at Eicher Farm in Walnut Hill, Florida. 

According to North Escambia, the man became stuck from the waist down inside a hopper being loaded with corn and was unable to free himself. 

“Corn is like quicksand,” said Escambia County Public Safety Director Eric Gilmore. “Movement can cause a person to sink deeper and deeper.”

In order to complete the rescue, firefighters placed boards and ladders over the top of the load of corn to avoid sinking themselves, and then used a large grain vacuum and five gallon buckets to remove the corn around the man until he was finally freed. 

The man was evaluated by Escambia County EMS but was not transported for further treatment. 


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