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Nearly one quarter of motorists don’t know that move over laws exist, study shows


A new study from the American Automobile Association shows that almost one quarter of motorists don’t even know that ‘slow down, move over’ laws exist. 

According to the same study by the AAA, 42% of drivers know about the laws, but don’t follow them. In light of these statistics, officials are urging anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle to remain vigilant and follow these laws for the safety of everyone. 

“You could literally be saving someone’s life,” said Marie Dodds, the director of government and public affairs for AAA Oregon and Idaho. “Right now, we have a family in Kalama, Washington that’s mourning the loss of a driver who died just a week ago. If people would’ve complied with ‘slow down, move over’ laws, he would still be alive today.” That man was killed by a speeding semi truck. 

Since July, three AAA tow truck drivers have been killed on the side of the road. 

The AAA suggests that drivers move over and slow down to at least five miles under the posted speed limit whenever they come across someone on the side of the road. 


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