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Troopers are cracking down on truckers for not taking I-285 truck bypass in Atlanta


The Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) is warning drivers that they are legally required to bypass the city of Atlanta in many circumstances.

In a Thursday Facebook post, the Georgia DPS issued the following reminder to truckers traveling in the Atlanta area:

Reminder, all trucks over six wheels must use I-285 to bypass Atlanta unless they are making a delivery, getting repaired, or their terminal is inside of 285. MCCD Region 3 enforces this law day and night seven days a week.

OCGA ยง 40-6-51 was enacted in 1978 and it attempts to reduce traffic congestion and increase public safety by restricting through truck traffic in Atlanta. The fine for trucker who violate the law is $150.00. Truckers who violate the law during a declared state of emergency for inclement weather conditions can be fined $1,000.00

The law requires all trucks traveling on I-75, I-85, or I-20 to take I-285 around the city, except for the following reasons:

  1. Pick up or delivery to or from a shipper physically located inside I-285;
  2. Going to or from the carrier’s terminal facilities physically located inside I-285;
  3. Going to or from a repair facility for service which is physically located inside I-285;
  4. A driver going to or from his residence located within the perimeter.

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