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Truck driver with 4 million safe miles in 34 years offers advice to fellow truckers


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) recently recognized a truck driver for his decades of safe driving.

Werner Enterprises truck driver Allen Parker was the 2021 recipient of the CVSA’s International Driver Excellence Award (IDEA), according to a March 16 release from CVSA.

In his 34 years as a professional driver for Werner, Parker has driven more than four million miles without an accident. Parker is one of only six drivers in Werner’s history to hit the four million safe miles mark.

Parker will be awarded a crystal trophy and a $2500 check at the 2021 CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition in the fall of 2021.

Parker took the opportunity to offer words of safety advice to other truck drivers:

 “To achieve the miles I have driven is great, but they come one mile at a time. Focusing too far ahead or behind removes my focus from where I am now. Treat the motoring public around you as if it is your family in those cars and trucks.Try to anticipate the movements of others. And use common sense,” Parker said.

In addition to truck driving, Parker also contributes to the community by participating in the Special Olympics Truck Convoy and singing the National Anthem at sporting events.

In order to be nominated for an IDEA, a driver must have at least 25 cumulative years of crash-free driving in a commercial motor vehicle with a clean driving record for the past three years, no felony convictions, no safety-related driving suspensions in the past three years and no driver violations in the past three years, excluding form and manner violations.

“This year, especially, the Alliance is honored to award a commercial motor vehicle driver for his safe-driving record and contributions to the community and the trucking industry,” said CVSA President Sgt. John Samis with the Delaware State Police. “We, in the commercial motor vehicle enforcement community, know how important commercial drivers are to the fabric of our society. But when the pandemic hit, the public quickly realized that almost everything we need is transported by truck, driven by a truck driver, at some point within the supply chain. Nominating Mr. Parker was Werner’s way of saying thank you. And selecting and naming him as this year’s IDEA recipient is CVSA’s way of saying thank you.”


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