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Trucking boss fires back at motorist who complained about a semi truck taking up too many spaces in an empty parking lot


A trucking company owner has the support of the general public after firing back at a disgruntled citizen apparently enraged by a trucker taking up ‘too many spaces’ in a nearly empty parking lot. 

Peter White of Whites Transport Services Ltd in Coventry, England says he received an aggressive message on Facebook earlier this month from a man named Chris. The angry message explains that the truck driver took up multiple parking spaces with his rig as he went inside of the grocery store to shop for about 15 minutes. 

“He was parked there for 15 minutes and then came out with a trolley [cart] full of shopping so it isn’t as if he just stopped for the toilet,” the message reads. 

“Surely these things should be done in a car on the driver’s own time. I hope you will deal with this swiftly and avoid it happening again,” Chris concludes. 

“How dare he eat,” White joked in a Facebook post defending his driver. White also pointed out that the driver was just starting his two week stint OTR and needed to stock up. 

“In the picture there’s only two cars parked so it’s pretty much empty. The driver could have parked right outside the doors, but he parked far away just to keep his truck away from the building. I’ve had messages to say the car park is enormous and it’s never, ever full, even on the busiest of days. He’s just a busybody that likes to complain and create a problem when there isn’t a problem,” White continued to Nottinghamshire Live.

Way to stand up for your driver, bossman! Now if only the grumpy motorists would get the message.


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