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Trucking Tetris: Top 10 tightest deliveries


Some truckers shared proof of the times they were able to successfully maneuver their rigs through extremely tight situations or asked to dock in obscure locations.

A Facebook post by Twisted Truckers asked drivers to brag about the tightest dock or delivery spot they had ever experienced.

Docking a trailer, especially when space is cramped, takes skill, and these drivers did not hesitate to share that they knew exactly what they were doing. The original Facebook post received over 3k comments with photo proof of all different kinds of scenarios drivers have faced.

Here are the top responses.

1. Off-road Backing

Joliet scrap. Super nice and the loads are well balanced

– Heide Neitzel
May be an image of road

2. No Room To Spare

This was the tightest dock i ever had to back into.

– Almo J Zahirović
No photo description available.

Truckers were in awe of this extra snug docking and chimed in to say:

How do you open the swing doors ??

Shyloh McIntyre

If you had lights on the trailer rails, you didn’t after that.

– Josh Johnson

I know this place! Your tires are literally just MAYBE an inch and a half from those yellow bars.

– Mike Brickley

3. Driveway Manuevering

Not a dock, but backing in off a lane and a half country road with a drainage ditch on the other side. 250 yds straight back and then a 90 degree curve at the top with a 53′. Customer says “…try to stay off the grass, please…” …lol, I’ll do my best…Had to go here twice a year to deliver seed…

– Jay Silfies
May be an image of outdoors

May be an image of road, grass and treeMay be an image of outdoors

4. Tight Fit x2

A seed warehouse in Central Illinois for growmark….myself and a coworker in this double dock

Darin Christian
No photo description available.

5. Mind The Gap

Back inside to the dock. Gap the same on both sides

– Keith Pulaski
May be an image of outdoors and brick wall

6. Parking Lot Professional

No bragging, just pictures from my LTL years. I was in a twin-screw day cab hauling a 53-foot dry van with a roll door and lift gate. I actually had to back in twice because someone had to leave just as I had pulled the brakes. Pics of each side of vehicle in replies.

– Mark Button 

May be an image of outdoors
May be an image of car and road
May be an image of text that says 'Indianapolis, IN *MOnGA 1073'

7. Flatbed Fit

When I did Flatbed, had to back in to a dock at TAMKO in Joplin, MO. It was a tight fit. Then when I did refer there was a place in souther California that was crazy

– Robby Wideman
May be an image of indoor

8. Train Track Tight Fit

And that is a active train track

– David Reames

May be an image of outdoors

9. Expert Docking, Rookie Driver

My trainee backed into this dock her second week out with very little coaching! She had the same amount of room on both sides. Guess flatbedders can back!

– Frank Albright
No photo description available.

10. Inches To Spare

May be an image of outdoors


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