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VIDEO: Arizona trooper delivers instant justice for trucker cut off by SUV


Where’s a cop when you need one? Luckily for this trucker, an Arizona trooper was on hand to educate a motorist on why you shouldn’t cut off a big truck.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (ADPS) shared a trucker’s dash cam video to remind the motoring public to stay out of a semi truck’s stopping distance.

ADPS said:

A trucker’s dashcam caught this footage of a driver being pulled over by one of our troopers after the SUV driver merged dangerously close to the tractor-trailer on I-10 eastbound in Tucson this week.

While it’s never safe to cut another driver off, it’s especially dangerous when semi-trucks or buses are involved. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a fully loaded tractor-trailer traveling in good road conditions at highway speeds may require a stopping distance of up to 200 yards – that’s TWO football fields. If you need to pass a large truck or bus, make sure you give them plenty of extra space. Pass on the left and wait until you’re far enough ahead to see the whole truck in your mirror. Then, use your turn signal and move over when it’s safe to do so.

Find more tips about sharing the road safely at azdps.gov/safety/share-the-road. Thank you to B&L Stewart Enterprises for sharing this video with us

Check out the video below.


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