A truck driver recently shared a spooky experience he had OTR and wants to know if you’ve ever had a similar encounter. 

In the video, Tik Toking trucker, @roadrashusa, describes an experience he had with what some commenters are calling a glitch in the matrix, and others are calling a visit from a demon. 

“This will freak you out,” the video caption reads. “In 31 years of driving I have never witnessed anything like what I just witnessed,” he begins. 

“I’m on I-15 and I was coming up the Beaver, everybody knows the hill just before Beaver… And I come up on a late model Volkswagen in the hammer lane and I noticed there is a student driver sticker on the car.”

He then goes on to explain how he passed by the car, noticed a full-grown, beautiful woman was driving the car, but when he came across the car again – same license plate, same student driver sticker – there was a middle aged male instructor and a teenage boy in the car, with the woman nowhere to be seen. As if she had just disappeared. 

“I’m freaked out right now,” the driver continued. “I’m not on nothing, I got plenty of sleep. I’m not crazy. I saw what I saw. A man doesn’t forget a seat cover like that. Has this ever happened to you?”

Some viewers took to the comments to suggest that he had witnessed a glitch in the Matrix, he had come in contact with a demon, and even shared their own creepy and unexplainable stories.

It’s official. Spooky Season is upon us. Watch the video for the full story, below.


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