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Want to own a truck that’s the best of the best? Here’s how Hurricane Express is making it happen


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A message from Hurricane Express CEO Kaedon J Steinert:

If you have always wanted a hood but never got the chance to own one, here you go! Brand new 2022 Cummins X15 Performance Series power with 18 speed manual trans.

Here is the good stuff first. I let you try one out for 90 days with a $1 per day truck payment to see if you like it as much as you thought you would. The truck payment is then $525 per week for 5 years if you fall in love with it.

These are not for the novice operator. This is what you drive when you know what you want and you are ready for the absolute best. All our 2022 Peterbilt 389 Pride and Class with 525/1850 X15s, 18 speed manual, 3.08s, 22.5 Lo Pro, 272 wb, Lo Lo rear, 5” car hauler front, 23 gauge dash and all the goodies you see in all the previous posts. Don’t be afraid to try the most direct path to new truck ownership. If you are serious, get ahold of one of our recruiters. If you like what you hear but are still not sure, go over the comments in the last month or so of posts and you should see I have answered almost every possible question. If everything still looks good to you but you want to hear from current drivers, simply post in the comments section of any FB post and you should get plenty of firsthand feedback. And last, I will gladly answer any questions you cannot get answered.

Pride and Class 389 pricing is as follows. The operator only pays $1 per day lease payments for the first 90 days! After that, lease payments are as follows:

  1. $525 per week for 60 months, own at end of term.
  2. $420 per week for 36 months, turn it in and get a new truck.

Here is the fine print: All operators must be a minimum of Gold driver (35 years old, 5 years OTR experience, 3 cpm extra pay), must pay $1,000 (100% refundable) interior cleaning deposit prior to start of lease plus $2,000 damage deposit (also 100% refundable) held out at $200 per week for first 10 weeks. At the end of 90 days you have these 5 options:

1. Get into a brand new 2022 Pride and Class 389 with a 60 month lease for $525 per week; the $3,000 paid on first 389 plus an additional $2,000 is a nonrefundable depreciation fee. At the end of 60 months you will have a $15,000 balloon payment in exchange for clean title.

2. Get into a brand new 2022 Pride and Class 389 and start a 36 month lease at $420 per week.

3. Get into a brand new 579 with a 54 month lease for $695 per week, the $3,000 paid on the 389 plus an additional $2,000 will be a nonrefundable depreciation fee for your truck. At the end of 54 months you will have a $10,000 balloon payment in exchange for a clean title.

4. Get into a 579, get all $3,000 back (provided the 389 is clean and undamaged), and start a 36 month lease at $55 per day.

5. Part ways with us if Hurricane Express is not for you and get all $3,000 back (provided the 389 is clean and undamaged)

Keep this in mind: I’m offering 90 days of $1 per day payments to see if your dream of a hood is all you think it is. After 90 days I’m offering to put you in a brand new 2022 Pride and Class at MegaFleet pricing paid out over 60 months. I have not seen anyone offering anything even close to this. Do your research, talk to current operators, and then let’s make some money, have fun, and look good doing it. You can call (888) 901-5634 to get in touch today!

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