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Watch as dad teaches teen daughter how to drive a truck


A sixteen year old fourth generation farmer gets a truck driving lesson from her dad in this new video.

The video was shared on June 9 by 16 year old Kate Stephens, who describes herself as a fourth generation farmer out of Montana. Stephens says that her dad has been teaching her about farming since she was just two years old.

In the video description, Stephens goes into detail about the truck driving lesson she receives:

In today’s video ….. yes it is my first time driving one of our semi-trucks loaded with 80,000 pounds of wheat to the commercial grain elevator. I’m so excited! You will see Darcy tarping and driving his semi-truck after it is filled with wheat at our Montana farm. My dad is teaching me how to drive our big rig from our Montana farm down the highway, on the freeway, and on gravel roads. This Freightliner truck has a lot of horsepower. I have to merge onto the freeway while another semi-truck is passing by. I learn to use the mirrors and how to turn while watching the trailer follow the truck. It is a lot to take in. Dad has a lot of important tips and comments as we are moving down the road. I learn about the instruments and gages and then the low coolant warning light comes on and starts beeping. I drive the semi-truck and trailer onto the scales at United Grain elevator and then into the elevator to unload the wheat. I meet Zane Somerfeld who is unloading our wheat and it is a small world because last year I took driver’s education with his sister Jersey. Zane is an amazing truck driver and I am honored that he gives me the biggest compliment and greatest encouragement. A big hello to his sister Jersey who is a farmer and drives all kinds of big equipment too!! Semi-trucks are fun to drive!

Check out the video below.

Click here to check out Kate’s website.


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