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WATCH: Historic apartment building hauled right down the street


A historic apartment building in California has been moved just down the street from its original location thanks to a semi truck and some very careful maneuvering.

The two-story Pallesen Apartment building, a four-plex built in 1910, was moved from the corner of South First and East Reed streets in San Jose, California, to East Reed Street and South Fourth Street. 

“Then a semi-truck will be pulling the building on the dollies to get it down the road,” said Patti Wang Cross, a spokeswoman for Habitat for Humanity, to KRON 4 News.

The building was built by the team of Frank Delos Wolfe and Charles McKenzie, and hauled the three blocks so that it can be preserved, renovated, and sold as affordable housing. 

“While we do value its architectural significance and its historical significance, at the end of the day, even if this famous architect wasn’t associated with it, we still think it’s really important to save these types of buildings because they contribute to a sense of place, they contribute to a sense of continuity with history,” said Ben Leech of the Preservation Action Council.

Check out footage of the unique load, below.


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