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WATCH: Impatient four-wheelers inspire some CB chatter between drivers


Two separate pickup trucks hopped the curb to pass a semi truck on the right in this clip, and the driver has something to say about it. 

In the clip, the truck can be seen stopped in traffic, waiting until the right moment to hop off the highway and into the exit lane. Just as the driver goes to make his move, a pickup truck drives onto the shoulder and speeds around the rig on the right, nearly cutting it off. 

“Are you serious?” the trucker complains. 

At first, the driver seems to brush it off, but just then another pickup drives onto the grass to make a quick dash in front of the rig, prompting the trucker to lay on his horn and jump on the CB Radio. 

“I have my turn signal on. These f*****g four wheelers are trying to die,” he laments on the radio. 

“Four wheelers and big trucks, too,” agrees a fellow trucker on the radio who sounds suspiciously similar to how anyone would imagine a trucker on a CB radio to sound. 

Check out the clip, below. It’s sure to feel all-too-familiar. 


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