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WATCH: Real-live trucker fight is less impressive than expected


A couple of truckers get into a physical altercation in this clip, but it isn’t quite as brutal as you might expect. 

In the video, appropriately captioned “don’t be an angry child,” a third party records a truck driver getting in the face of another guy who appears to be a truck mechanic.  

“You want to say it again?!” the driver asks as the other guy at least acts confused. “What are you talking about?” he says, shying away from the aggressive driver as the guy recording lets out a string of somewhat excited “oh s**t!”

The truck driver then attempts to punch the maybe-mechanic, who somehow has enough time to remove his head gear between blows before putting the driver in his place with a strike to the face.

“He’s gone,” comments the guy filming. “He’s sleeping.”

“I will show you something if you wanna act stupid,” the clear winner says to the man still on the ground. 

“You better be glad I’m letting you get up.”

“You got knocked the **** out!” exclaims the guy recording. 

“He punches like a fifth grader,” commented one viewer.

“Don’t know why you’d try and fight a mechanic lmao. You know how much pent up rage they got from working on rusty sh*t all day?” added another.

Only one guy may have been knocked out, but no one wins in a situation like this. As the video advises: “Don’t be an angry child.”

Be careful out there and be good to each other. 

Check out the clip, below.


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