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Watch this driver prove that truckers are still a ‘family’


A CDLLife App member recently had an experience that proves the ‘old school’ days of trucking aren’t quite over yet. 

Husband and wife Michael and Laura truck across the country together, but were able to stop just long enough to share a hopeful experience with the CDLLife App community.

In the video post, Michael can been seen helping a driver successfully back into a spot at a crowded truck stop, and Laura had this to say about his assistance:

“Funny thing is, Michael says no one appreciates when he helps fellow drivers so he’s not helping anymore but… This young lad comes in and needs a bit of assistance and off goes Michael!” Laura writes. 

She continues: “The kiddo says after his school he has learned more tonight from Michael!”

“Love the ones who want to be the best,” she adds. 

Fellow app users took to the comments to compliment Michael on his useful kindness, as well as to share stories of their own. 

“Way to go! We all need a little help in many ways,” commented one member. “Your kindness will come back to you when you least expect it. God Bless you.”

“That’s what we old school hands do,” added another. “If they’d just listen to us. Atta boy!”

Thank you, Michael, for helping your fellow driver. Stay safe out there, everyone!


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