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WATCH: Trucker wields bat in construction zone road rage


A truck driver was caught on camera wielding a bat against a motorist who apparently was not letting him merge in Australia over the weekend. 

The footage was captured in Sydney on Saturday, December 4th. The altercation apparently started when the two vehicles entered a construction zone and the truck began to merge.

In the clip, the driver can be seen leaning out of his open cab door, bat in hand and clearly giving the four-wheeler a piece of his mind. The trucker then taps the roof of the car with his bat before smashing the car’s window, uttering a few parting words, and climbing back into his truck. 

“He definitely should NOT be driving a truck,” one viewer commented.

“I drive semis, yes people can annoy you on the road, though this is completely unacceptable, that’s another human being,” added another. 

“Truck may have to give way but if a car is purposefully speeding up from 50 metres away from the truck merging, the car is at fault,” chimed in another. 

Check out the video for yourself, below.


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