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WATCH: Trucking school was definitely different back in the day


An apparent CDL training video from back in the day seriously has to be seen to be believed. 

The footage, a Tik Tok recording of what is referred to as a ‘CDL training video,’ depicts two men in lounge chairs on a pristine beach, a truck parked in the background. 

The two boast about traveling the country and gaining respect from the community as two women coyly admire their rig and eventually approach the men. 

“Y’all are professional truck drivers?!” one of the women gasps. “Well I always thought that that was the greatest thing to do…”

Believe it or not, the video goes on from there. Check it out below to see for yourself. 


Training videos were different in the 80’s 😂😂 #cdl #trainingvideo #cowtruck

♬ original sound – nate dial


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