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Wife of man who drove drunk into side of semi truck drunkenly strikes husband’s car while picking him up from wreck


A husband and wife were arrested on Monday after both were involved in separate but related drunk driving accidents, one involving a semi truck. 

The series of crashes occurred at around 8:24 p.m. on September 13th in Posey County, Indiana. 

According to the Tri-State Homepage, 56-year-old Donald Ricketts was heading north on State Road 165 when he crossed the center line and sideswiped an oncoming semi truck. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the crash, so Ricketts allegedly called his wife to come pick him up since the wreck had occurred close to their home. When Cheral Ricketts approached the crash site, she slammed into her husband’s already-wrecked car, totaling both vehicles. 

When police finally arrived, they suspected both Cheral and Donald were intoxicated, so they administered a breathalyzer test. The test revealed that Cheral had a BAC of .22 percent at the time of the incident, and Donald had an even higher BAC at .28%. 

Officers then arrested Cheral and transported her to the county jail, and Donald was taken to a nearby hospital for a “non-life-threatening medical issue” before being taken into custody. 

The truck driver was not hurt in the ordeal. The extent of the damage done to his rig is not clear. 


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