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Celebrate our country’s heroes at MATS 2022!


Veterans in Trucking is partnering with the Mid-America Trucking Show to feature an exciting range of patriotic events. Come celebrate our country’s heroes with a showcase lineup of All-American trucks and a parade that you won’t want to miss!

The event will take place March 24-26, 2022 in Louisville, KY.

Veterans in Trucking and the Mid-America Trucking Show are partnering to honor those that bravely served our country in the military. We are proud to announce a brand new program for fleets to showcase their patriotism and commitment to veterans and their families, with a custom wrapped truck that will be displayed on the 20,000 square foot MATS showroom floor.

Veterans In Trucking is committed to helping our nation’s heroes apply their skills as they transition into trucking careers. As a driver, they are honored for both their service in the military and over the road. We invite you to participate in supporting those who have served and then successfully transitioned into a career in trucking. Veteran drivers will also be honored in a patriotic post-show parade that features their military-themed, wrapped trucks!

Trucking companies will be proudly displaying their custom wrapped trucks on the 2022 Mid-America Trucking Show in the Veterans In Trucking’s 20,000 sq. ft. indoor area located near the Recruitment Center and Pavilion Registration. 

Selected drivers are United States veterans who formerly honorably served in the active military, naval, or air service.

Honoring Those That Served:

These rigs are truly impactful salutes to their veteran drivers. Companies have brought out film crews to record the driver’s first look at their new custom rig:

After nearly 22 years in combined military service and a battle with cancer, Ken Mateer retired from the military and now drives with ACT. ACT chose Ken to be the recipient of their custom-wrapped Veteran truck because of his powerful story.

Ted Kieffer served for 21 years in the military. Ted spent most of his service overseas driving heavy haul equipment in Germany.

At the age of 17, Larry Pope joined the military and found discipline, structure, and a purpose. Leaving the military, Larry was looking for a similar brotherhood with the same comradery, respect, and sense of purpose. 

“You have to join the military for the right reasons. It’s about the brotherhood, the fellowship. You are all there for the same reason– keeping America safe, and it’s a sacrifice. And trucking is also a sacrifice; you sacrifice your time with your family, to get the job done so others can have the freedom to get food, to get the things they need.” –Robert Goodnow, Hirschbach Driver

We are proud to highlight truckers like these and appreciate the value veterans like them bring to the trucking industry.   

Join us at the MATS 2022 event for Veterans in Trucking’s events that will honor the brave servicemen that answered the call to serve our nation.


Veterans in Trucking is featuring an exciting range of patriotic events celebrating our country’s heroes that you won’t want to miss!

  • Veterans In Trucking People’s Choice Award: The award honors the participating veteran truck that receives the most votes. The winner will be announced at the PKY Custom Truck Awards Ceremony.
  • Post-show Parade: We invite fleets to showcase their commitment to veterans that have transitioned into trucking with a custom wrapped rig that highlights their military service and branch. Wrapped trucks will be featured in a post-show parade that celebrates our brave service members. 
  • Grand Showcase: Participating fleets will have the chance to thank those who answered the call and now serve as drivers with custom wrapped trucks honoring their military branch and service on the floor at the Veterans in Trucking 20,000 square foot space. The VIT showcase will demonstrate patriotic pride for our country, and will feature a raffle for participating veterans, along with other opportunities for them to participate in attractions honoring their service.

Attending Carriers:


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