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City okays truck parking plan, bans idling or sleeping in rigs at location 


A city in Georgia has approved the construction of a new truck parking lot, but with several important restrictions. 

The City Council in Conyers, Georgia has approved the construction of an 11 acres commercial truck parking lot, but has placed some serious limitations on what and how much can be built, as well as what can go on within the parking lot limits, reported Rockdale Newton Citizen.

The developer intends to use 11 acres of the currently undeveloped Conyers Commerce Center/Quigg Branch Business Park for at least 200 truck parking spaces. However, the City Council has limited the maximum number of spots allowed to 100, and banned truck idling or operation in the lot, along with prohibiting sleeping in the trucks parked in the lot. 

“I would like to request that we go up to 40 spaces per usable acre, which means we can’t count any of those buffers … so it greatly reduces the overall acreage,” said Mark Walton, representative of the owners Deepal Patel and Hari Patel. “If you are under about 200 spaces, the dollars and cents do not work as a return for the money of purchasing the land and doing the improvements. It’s hard to go get a loan or get financing when we are limited to the 100 parking spaces.”

The special limitations placed on the proposed truck parking are as follows:

  • Each parking space shall be demarcated or striped.
  • The maximum number of vehicles that may be parked on the property at any one time is 100.
  • The owner/developer will install “no parking” signs around the Weaver Court cul-de-sac.
  • Vehicles and related equipment will not be allowed to idle, diesel or operate while parked on the premises.
  • Sleeping in a vehicle parked on the premises is prohibited.

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