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Family-owned West Side Transport rolls out $1.7 MILLION driver pay increase


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A family-owned and operated Iowa-based trucking company recently announced a major pay bump as a way to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of their drivers.

Cedar Rapids-headquartered West Side Transport recently unveiled plans to deliver $1.7 million in driver pay increases. The company says that they’re upping driver pay as a way to show gratitude for the skill and professionalism of their drivers as they go the extra mile to keep the country running. 

But that’s not the only good news West Side Transport is sharing to start off the new year. In addition to the nearly $2 million driver pay raise, West Side Transport is also offering two pay programs to help ensure peace of mind for both new and existing company drivers. 

New drivers will be able to make a smooth career transition from their old jobs to West Side Transport thanks to a four-week transition pay program. This transition pay program ensures that all new drivers won’t have to sweat over paying their bills while making the jump from their last company to work for West Side Transport. 

Additionally, the company is offering company drivers minimum weekly pay. This pay program means that even if you get sick, have a mechanical breakdown, or run into a lengthy weather delay that forces you to sit, you’ll still take home a good paycheck. 

In more news on the company’s growth, West Side Transport will be opening a seventh terminal in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for business in January 2022. Other company terminals are located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Columbus, Ohio; Glenwood, Illinois; South St. Paul, Minnesota; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Canton, Michigan. 

Check out the stirring video below to get a peek into how the West Side Transport family operates!

West Side Transport is a family-owned dry van carrier that has been in operation for more than 40 years. The company’s fleet consists of more than 500 trucks and 1500 trailers. To learn more about the driver pay increase, connect with the West Side Transport team by clicking here

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