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Motorist jumps into action when he realizes wrecked driver had “nobody there”


A motorist was the only one who jumped into action when a semi truck lost control on a wet highway in Michigan on Saturday morning. 

The accident happened on Interstate 75 near Dix in Michigan on May 21st. 

According to Fox 2 News, Kenneth McKay was driving along I-75 when a semi truck lost control and crashed into the concrete barrier wall, sending some crash debris into the opposite lanes of the highway. The debris then caused a second, blue semi truck crash on the other side of the highway. 

McKay saw the wrecked semi truck resting against the barrier wall and noticed that, while traffic had slowed, no one had stopped to check on the driver, so he decided it was up to him and pulled over. 

“I could see that there was nobody there,” McKay said. 

“He was covered in glass, he had blood running down his arm, and little glass shards of glass,” McKay said. “And he went to rub his face with his shirt and I said, ‘No, don’t do that, you’ll get glass in your eyes.’ He was in shock.”

McKay said that he waited with the trucker for help to arrive. Amazingly, the driver sustained only minor injuries in the wreck – same for the driver on the opposite side of the highway. 

“I just kept telling him everything is going to be okay, people are coming,” McKay continued. 

Police say that the blue semi truck was going too fast for conditions. It is not clear why the white semi truck crashed into the barrier wall. 

McKay says that he was surprised that he was the only person to stop and check on the wrecked driver, and wishes that more people would take it upon themselves to help others. 

“Don’t assume that someone else is going to stop,” said Cristina, McKay’s wife. “We saw approximately 100 cars that drove by and not a single person stopped.”

“I wish that more people take a minute out of their day and help someone else out if they can,” McKay said. 


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