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Trucker fell asleep and tumbled 200 feet down a steep hillside, CHP says


A truck driver was able to walk away from a serious crash near Simi Valley, California, early Tuesday.

According to CHP, the crash occurred shortly before 1 a.m. on Tuesday, April 19 as a truck traveling on the eastbound side of the 118 Freeway crashed through a guardrail west of Rocky Peak and down a grassy hillside.

“…the driver of this semi said he fell asleep and drove over the guardrail before he and his tractor and trailer tumbled almost 200 feet down the steep hillside. After he came to a stop, he got himself out of his semi and walked up to the freeway to waiting first responders. Amazingly, he was transported to the hospital with only minor injuries,” the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Moorpark Division said.

CHP said that the truck was hauling a load of produce when the crash occurred.

Troopers are using the incident as a reminder of the dangers of drowsy driving.

“When you’re driving, whether a semi or a sedan, driving home from work or driving long distances, if you feel tired pullover off the freeway to a safe location and get some air, stretch your legs, have some coffee/energy drink, or find a place to take a nap. Don’t put yourself and the people around you in danger because you think you can make it. When those blinks get longer and longer is not the time to be driving,” CHP said.


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