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Trucking company rolls out real-time earnings calculator for owner-operators


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A trucking company is taking a stand for transparency in driver pay by offering a robust online tool to give owner-operators detailed information on exactly how much they can expect to take home each week.

Earnings Calculator Provides Owner-Operators With Instant Expected Pay Information

Illinois-based trucking company GP Transco recently debuted an online earnings calculator for owner-operators designed to provide honest, straightforward information on how much they can earn each week.

Owner-operators simply input the number of desired weekly miles into the calculator, then the tool instantly provides the expected rate-per-mile, weekly revenue, and gross weekly earnings*.

The calculator factors in real-time national fuel prices from eia.gov, national average semi truck MPG, and the current GP Transco owner-operators’ rate-per-mile to provide users with the most accurate and up-to-date earnings information.

The calculator also allows users to compare the GP Transco rate-per-mile and weekly take-home pay to current national averages provided by DAT Freight & Analytics.

You can calculate your expected earnings with GP Transco here.

GP Transco Provides Drivers With Stability & Options To Earn All Year Long

In the increasingly volatile freight market of 2022, the earnings calculator is just one way that GP Transco is able to provide owner-operators with more certainty and financial stability. In addition to on average taking home gross revenue at 25% above the industry average, owner-operators partnering with GP Transco also have access to the company’s network of contracted freight customers, meaning that they have consistent access to loads at any time of the year.

For the past several years, GP Transco has been frequently recognized for their driver-focused company culture and innovative business practices. Last month, GP Transco was named ‘Best OTR Trucking Company for Competitive Pay and Benefits‘ by FreightWaves. The company has also been recognized as a ‘Best Trucking Company to Work for in 2022‘ by Smart-Trucking.com.

Established in 2006, GP Transco provides dry van transportation services to customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. If you’re ready to become a part of the driving team at GP Transco, please click here.

*National average rate-per-mile is taken from the DAT on a weekly basis. National average fuel cost is taken from eia.gov on a weekly basis. Fuel discount can vary. Earnings above are an estimate and are not a guarantee, since they can change depending on market condition, driver preferences, and other factors.

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