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VIDEO: Trucker just might be getting ripped off at the pump


A truck driver reveals what he believes to be a total rip off at the pump in this short video. 

In the clip, the truck driver is parked at a diesel pump fueling up when he notices the price going up without him even pulling the lever on the nozzle. 

“Just by moving the pump, it charges ya,” laments the trucker over the noise of an engine. 

The driver then puts the handle on the ground and jiggles it around a bit with his foot, nothing drastic, and by the time he’s done, the price has gone up from $17.04 to $17.41, all without ever pulling the lever. 

“So far this is the fifth Love’s I stopped at this week that’s ripping us off. I’ve shown the manager but why would they care, it’s free money…” reads the video caption. 

“Holy ****,” commented one driver. 

“That’s just the fuel evaporated into the atmosphere? Lmao,” added a second. 

“​​Did they refund that?  If manager won’t do anything, there should be a calibration sticker on pump from country weights and measurements.  Call them,” suggested a third. 

What do you think? Is this typical of a fuel pump, or is he being ripped off? 

Check out the video for yourself, below.


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