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WATCH: Will four wheelers ever learn to merge?


Two four wheelers fail at merging with unfortunate consequences in this video. 

In the clip, a white car in the far right lane decides the time to merge is right now and prompts a black SUV to leave its lane. The SUV then drifts right into the side of the filming semi truck and spins in front of the truck. 

The truck then pushes the SUV a ways down the road, skids along a barrier wall, and finally drifts into a grassy median, where it comes to a stop at a barrier fence along the opposite lanes of the highway. 

“Check the white car … black suv had two kids with them and were taking in an ambulance. I didn’t see any visual injuries of them. Hopefully this doesn’t haunt them every time they go on road trips. I’m just so happy this wasn’t worse,” captioned the filming driver. 

“Just another example of idiots (white car) who can’t merge worth a damn and other idiots (black car) who can’t anticipate that idiots can’t merge worth a damn. Very sorry this happened to you and hope it doesn’t count as a preventable, forward dashcams are career savers!” commented one viewer. 

“Horrible driving by the driver of the black car. Yes, white car drifted into her lane but imagine being so retarded you decide to cross over into the fast lane without knowing what’s there (also there’s a huge semi there, you didn’t notice????) when you could just hit your brakes,” added another. 

Check out the video for yourself, below. 


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