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Dump truck driver caught on video ramming house and cars amid divorce, wife says


A resident captured bizarre video of a dump truck driver rampaging on his own property in Los Angeles over the weekend.

The incident was caught on camera on the afternoon of Sunday, January 15, in a south Los Angeles residential area, according to WSAZ.

Neighbors say that Ronald Dunn initially began the rampage at his own property in an Impala, tearing up a garage door, but then he came back half an hour later in a dump truck and began ramming the home and other vehicles. Ronald Dunn reportedly returned a third time, again in the Impala.

The news outlet reports that Ronald Dunn and wife Patricia Dunn were going through a divorce and that Patricia Dunn had recently filed for a restraining order against her husband.

Patricia Dunn told CBS News that she is afraid for her life following the dump truck rampage. “I don’t know, he might come back. Who’s to say he’s not? A man who’s under that kind of rage, who’s to say what he might do? He was trying to kill me. He really was,” she said.

No arrests have been reported as of Monday night.

See the video below.

@ja.m43 watch out for ron. my neighbor goes crazy, took almost 30 mins for the coos to come when we live less than a mile away. this is right after he came and tore up the front yard with his impala. all cause his ex wife wouldnt take him back. only one cop car came after our first call under the assumption he was drunk driving, and that was the only car that came eveb after multiple calls from other neighbors. someone could have been seriously hurt and the lack of urgency from the ppl who are supposed to make us feel safe is terrible. raise awareness for emergencies in all neighborhoods. #rongonwild #fyp #emergency #dobetter ♬ original sound – jj


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