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Iowa DOT calls out trucker for transporting busted trailer under cover of darkness


On Tuesday, Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement (MVE) took to Facebook to highlight a recent traffic stop involving a badly damaged semi trailer.

In the May 23 post, Iowa DOT MVE said:

“Driving at night has it’s benefits. Less traffic is definitely one of them. Avoiding law enforcement to make it from one state to another with a trailer like this doesn’t always work, however.

Nobody needs a 53’ trailer falling apart on the interstate…”

The agency also shared photos of the damaged trailer.

Many Facebook users expressed concern for highway safety. Others suggested that there isn’t much practical difference between illegally towing the damaged trailer with a truck and legally towing it with a wrecker.

“They can’t just magically teleport it to the scrapyard…” one person pointed out.

“Totally illegal for the truck to tow it but perfectly legal for a wrecker to tow it down the road…….” another said.

“Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement was it empty and being returned to a shop for repair? If so, how do you recommend transporting it?” a commenter asked.

“Talk about unsafe wow,” another Facebook user wrote.


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