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Trucker charged after ignoring sign, driving on wet concrete


Pennsylvania police charged a truck driver who allegedly drove around road closure signs and into a construction area, causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage last month.

Truck driver Douglas B. Harlan, 67, of Ohio, was recently charged with felony criminal mischief, according to the Observer-Reporter.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred on May 15, 2023, in Mt. Pleasant Township, Pennsylvania.

Police say that shortly before 4 p.m. Harlan was driving a semi truck north on Route 18 when he came upon barriers and a road closure sign.

Rather than turning around, police say that Harlan drove around the barriers and into a patch of freshly-poured concrete.

The damage to the roadway cost more than $80,000 to repair, according to the report.

Also on May 15, about four hours after Harlan drove his semi into the wet concrete, Tonya Riggle, 46, and husband John Riggle, 50, were traveling on a motorcycle in the same area. Police say that Tonya Riggle moved the barriers so that her husband could proceed through the construction area and also became stuck in the wet concrete, allegedly resulting in nearly $45,000 worth of damage.

John and Tonya Riggle were also charged with felony criminal mischief.

People, please pay attention to road signage! Road closed literally means road closed. We have had not 1 but 2 incidents in the past 5 hours of vehicles driving through, around, and past multiple road closed signs. Citations will be issued, your insurance will go up, and you delay construction for an already hectic project. Please help us by simply following signage. That is all, thank you!” the Mount Pleasant Police Department said following the pair of incidents on May 15.


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